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Adam Fields I want to send out a warm thank you to all the fans who've written me over the years. You are the sole reason I have been anxious to make the score music available, and I chose these tracks based on your requests. I hope you like them. -- Adam Fields

    Composer: Adam Fields

    This guitar-featured theme has been heard throughout the series, and is most often associated with Joey's journey.

    Adam Fields: This is one of my personal favorites from the show. While it was not written for one particular character, it often gets used in Joey scenes. One example is the scene where she leaves her dorm room for the summer in episode #522. I expanded the theme for the soundtrack.

  2. DAWSON/JOEY THEME #2 (3:28)
    Composer: Adam Fields

    The love theme for Dawson and Joey heard throughout various season four and season five episodes.

    Adam Fields: I received the most mail about this piece of music from the score. It has been embellished for the purposes of this soundtrack.

  3. DAWSON/JOEY THEME #1 (2:45)
    Composer: Adam Fields

    The original Dawson/Joey love theme used in season one.

    Adam Fields: This was first heard in episode #101 ("Dance") when Dawson practices kissing on the dummy head of Joey which was used in the filming of his movie. This theme has been expanded for the soundtrack.

  4. CAPESIDE (4:52)
    Composer: Adam Fields

    A collection (4) of themes heard in season one.

    Adam Fields: It begins with the very first music heard on the series, as the shot establishes the creek and Dawson's house before going inside. Then it segues to music heard in episode 102 when we see Joey climbing the ladder to Dawson's room. From there, the featured music is from episode #111 (first when Jen confronts Dawson after the beauty contest, then when Joey is registering for the beauty contest). Finally, the music is heard in episode #105 when Bessie finally gives birth to Alexander.

  5. SENIOR YEAR (4:32)
    Composer: Adam Fields

    A collection (5) of themes from season four.

    Adam Fields: It opens with two pieces from episode #405 "A Family Way". It then segues to a moment from episode #407 "You Had Me At Goodbye". Then we hear a piece from #417 "Admissions" when Joey celebrates the fact that she got into Worthington. The end is music from episode #415 "Four Stories", heard when Dawson learns about Mr. Brooks' will.

  6. THE BOSTONIANS (4:22)
    Composer: Adam Fields

    A collection (5) of themes from season five.

    Adam Fields: The first music heard is from #514 as they begin to make the movie. Immediately after is a score piece from #521, as Dawson walks and flirts with Amy, the film critic. Then we hear a cue from #514 which was heard at the end of the episode as Joey happily walks in the snow towards her professor's home. The next piece of music is a comic piece heard through the season but specifically in episode #516 when Pacey and Jack are in the gay bar. The last piece in this medley is from the first episode of season 5 #501 when Jen first meets Charlie.

  7. ANDIE'S FAREWELL (3:10)
    Composer: Adam Fields

    Music heard during Andie's farewell speech to the gang at the resteraunt - episode #407 "You Had Me At Goodbye".

  8. WITH LOVE FROM JEN (2:46)
    Composer: Adam Fields

    This theme is most often associated with Jen.

    Adam Fields: First heard in episode #106 "Detention", this theme is most often associated with Jen... although it was heard in episode #416 when Dawson gives Joey the money (that he got from Mr. Brook's estate) to go to Worthington.

    Arranged by: Adam Fields

    The two special instrumental versions of the opening credits theme in heard season five. The first version was heard in episode #504 "The Long Goodbye" in honor of Mitch's death. The second was heard in #515 "Downtown Crossing", which solely featured the Joey and the mugger storyline.

    Adam Fields: I received many requests for these alternate versions of the opening credits, and was happy to make them available.

    Episode #504 - It was Paul Stupin, executive producer, who had the great idea to do a contemplative piano arrangement of Paula Cole's sosong. I though it was very appropriate. On the heels of an emotional opening to the episode, it would have felt abrupt and uncomfortable to seque into the normal version.

    Episode #515 - Again, executive producer Paul Stupin requested a special version of the main title. As with "The Long Goodbye", the mood of the opening sequence warranted something different. It needed to be a combination of dark, dangerous, and ethereal. So I opened it with a base guitar rhythm which helped create the feelingof impending trouble. Throughout the piece, there are references to Paula Cole's song. Bells in the background play the "Doo doo doo doo doo doo" part of the song while the exotic flute hints at the "I don't want to wait..." section.

    Composer: Adam Fields

    Two themes heard from the season 5 episode "Appetite For Destruction" (#510).

    Adam Fields: The first theme is heard when Joey is coming to terms with Jen and the revelation that she slept with Dawson. The other theme underscores the final confrontation with Joey and Dawson, where Dawson suggests they may not be able to be friends.

  11. IN MEMORY OF MITCH (2:50)
    Composer: Adam Fields

    Two themes from episode #504 "The Long Goodbye" which featured the death of Mitch, Dawson's dad.

    Adam Fields: The primary theme is heard each time a character from the show has a memory/flashback about Mitch. The other theme is heard during a conversation between Dawson and his mom.

  12. HOW DID WE GET HERE? (2:45)
    Composer: Adam Fields

    Heard in the final scene of episode #610 "Merry Mayhem" when Dawson and Joey question their history.

  13. STARDANCER (2:23)
    Composer: Adam Fields

    Theme heard primarily throughout the series as a love theme for several characters, especially Dawson and Gretchen.

    Composer: Adam Fields

    Plays during the closing credits of season 1, 4, 5, 6.

    Adam Fields: Some international audiences hear this music over the closing credits. This music is never heard on the WB Network.

Note: Track listing is based on order of the collection. Fans can choose their own ordering.
Score Music

The score music (background music) can be heard throughout each episode of Dawson's Creek. It's usually the instrumental music that is heard at various times, may be for 10 seconds and up to 30 seconds or more on occasion. It's there to enrich the scene, making a scene more emotional, happy, sad, frightening, intense and plenty of other adjectives you can think of. The score music is the responsibilty of the music composer.

For Dawson's Creek, the score music usually doesn't have a specific title. As an example, it could be simply known for that episode as "Jack and Jen in the bookstore". A more popular piece that's been heard in a few season 4 and 5 episodes is known as "The Dawson/Joey Love Theme #2".

Much of the music is created and played via Samplers and acoustic instruments (e.g. guitar, piano, woodwinds). It usually takes 2 to 3 days or longer to write and record the score. (Episode #403 "Two Gentlemen Of Capeside" also known as "The Perfect Storm" took a couple weeks.)

What scenes the score music is actually heard is decided upon in what is called a spotting session. This is where the music supervisor, producers, and composer sit through an episode, deciding where music (either a song or score) should be played. It's up to the composer to come up with something that fits the mood, scene, or character at that particular time.

Examples of music that the composer creates is featured in background scenes of parties or gatherings, and even include some you may not even be aware of:
  • An early season 2 episode featuring the movie theater scene between Andie, Rob and Joey. The music playing in the movie....
  • The dinner band playing "Reunited" at the resteraunt in episode #220 wasn't actually the band. The remixed song created by the composer was inserted into the scene during editing.
  • In season 1, the violin piece that Andersen was (not really) playing on the boat when Joey came to meet him was an original composition. Though in this case, the composer wrote the piece and hired a violinist to play it.
  • As you can see, the music composer can be very involved and play an important part of an episode.

    The music composer for Dawson's Creek is Adam Fields. He is responsible for the score music of all episodes in season 1, 4, 5 and 6. For more on Adam please visit his bio page.

    History of Dawson's Creek Music Composers
    (click on composer name for more info from IMDB.COM)

    Adam Fields
    Episodes - All Season 1, 4, 5 and 6 episodes including the closing credits music.

    Danny Lux
    Episodes - #201, 204, 205, 207, 209, 211, 213, 216

    Stephen Graziano
    Episodes - #203, 206, 208, 210

    Dennis McCarthy
    Episodes - #212, 214, 215, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222
    Season 2 Closing Credits Music

    Mark Mothersbaugh
    Episodes - All Season 3 episodes
    Dawson's Creek
    Score Soundtrack
    Score Soundtrack
    On January 7, 2003, Dawson's Creek released a "score" soundtrack via the internet only (no stores) containing the work of music composer Adam Fields.

    For more info on this rare and special release click here.
    Ask Adam Fields

    DC Music Guide Special
    Adam Fields
    Back in 2000, Adam Fields answered questions regarding the score music that were submitted from fans. Some of the questions were answered publicly on this site and for some he replied privately.

    Read Adam's answers to fan's questions!

    More on Adam Fields 

    Official Soundtracks
    Create Your Own Soundtrack Selected Songs From Dawson's Creek
    Internet Only:
    Available Since: January 7, 2003

    Fans create their own "Dawson's Creek" soundtrack with all new and original (score) music. Choose from eight different collections or customize your own from a list of over 100 songs. Select from a variety of CD labels featuring the cast. Available only via the Internet.

     Score Music Info

    Songs From Dawson's Creek Volume 2 Songs From Dawson's Creek - Volume 2
    Released: October 3, 2000 (USA/Canada)
    Label: Sony/Columbia
    Catalog#: 85149
    UPC: 69699851492

     Track Listing (USA/Canada)
     Track Listing (International Releases)

    There was no sheet music book produced for Volume 2.


    Volume 2

    Click song title for track & artist info, clips, lyrics, episode info and more.

    "I Think I'm In Love With You"
    Jessica Simpson

    "Crazy For This Girl"
    Evan and Jaron


    "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"
    The Jayhawks

    "Givin' Up On You"
    Lara Fabian

    Five For Fighting

    "If I Am"
    Nine Days

    "Never Saw Blue Like That"
    Shawn Colvin

    "I Think God Can Explain"

    "Teenage Dirtbag"

    "Broken Boy"

    "Just Another"
    Pete Yorn

    "Show Me Heaven"
    Jessica Andrews

    "Daydream Believer"
    Mary Beth Maziarz

    "I Think I'm In Love With You"
    Performed by Jessica Simpson

    Song Clips/Lyrics
    REALAUDIO  view lyrics LYRICS

    Heard In Episode(s):
    Never played in Dawson's Creek episode.

    Artist Official Website:

    Jessica is the only artist to appear on both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Dawson's Creek soundtracks.

    Jessica first song on DC "Did You Ever Love Somebody" first appeared in Dawson's Creek back in a early season 2 episode during one of the school dance scenes (Episode #206). She was basically an unknown then.


    Songs From Dawson's Creek Songs From Dawson's Creek

    Released: April 27,1999 (USA)
    Mini-Disc Released: May 5,1999
    Label: Sony/Columbia
    Catalog#: 69853

     Track Listing (USA/Canada)
     International Release Info
     Sheet Music Info

    Volume 2

    Click song title for track & artist info, clips, lyrics, episode info and more.

    "Kiss Me"
    Sixpence None The Richer

    "Lose Your Way"
    Sophie B. Hawkins

    "Feels Like Home"
    Chantal Kreviazuk

    "Life's A Bitch"

    "Ready For A Fall"
    P.J. Olsson

    "Stay You"

    "Any Lucky Penny"
    Nikki Hassman

    Shawn Mullins

    "London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)"
    Heather Nova

    "To Be Loved"
    Curtis Stigers

    "Letting Go"

    "Cry Ophelia"
    Adam Cohen

    "Did You Ever Love Somebody"
    Jessica Simpson

    "I Don't Want To Wait"
    Paula Cole

    "Kiss Me"
    Performed by Sixpence None The Richer

    Song Clips/Lyrics
    REALAUDIO  view lyrics LYRICS

    Heard In Episode(s):
    #206 "The Dance"
    #218 "The Perfect Wedding"

    Song Also Available On:
    Sixpence None The Richer (Columbia)

    Artist Official Website:

    coming soon

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