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QUIZ: Which Dawson's Creek Character Are You?

Dawson Leery played by James Van Der Beek

"All the mysteries of the universe, all the answers to life's questions can be found in a Spielberg film" -Dawson Leery

Birthplace: Cheshire, Connecticut

Birth date: March 8, 1977

Vital Statistics: Lead in a children's theater production of Grease; Rick in the movie Angus. Majored in English at Drew University. Left to star in Dawson's Creek. Married actress Heather McComb in 2003.

Last Spotted: Varsity Blues, The Rules of Attraction, Clive Barker's The Plague , Three, Danny Roane: First Time Director,

Fun Fact: James got into acting at 13 after he was injured playing football.

Dawson Leery Character info:

Sensitive, innocent, and idealistic, Dawson is obsessed with movie-making, and dreams of becoming a movie director like his hero, Steven Spielberg. Dawson's on-again, off-again relationship with Joey is complicated by his lifelong friendship with Pacey, who wants Joey for himself.

Joey Potter played by Katie Holmes
"Everything changes eventually. That's just the way life is and you have no control over it. Like suddenly people who you think are always going to be there, they disappear. You know? People die and they move away and they grow up." -Joey
Birth date:December 18, 1978

Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio

Vital Statistics: Began modeling and acting in high school; won a small part in The Ice Storm. Submitted a video audition for Dawson's Creek that impressed the shows producers. Has a daughter, Suri, with actor Tom Cruise.

Last Spotted: First Daughter, Batman Begins, Thank You for Smoking , Abandon

Fun Fact: Katie dated Joshua Jackson while working on Dawson's Creek and considers him her first love.


Joey Potter Character Info:

Joey is Dawson's confidante, the ultimate girl-next-door (though technically, she and her sister live down the creek from Dawson). Joey's tomboy ways are popular in Capeside. She dates Jack before he comes out of the closet, and then struggles to choose between Dawson and Pacey.

Pacey Witter played by Joshua Jackson
"You know what Dawson? I don't know how to tell you this but that guy with the brown hair and the throbbing neck muscles...The guy with Tamara Jacobs...that's...that's...me." -Pacey
Birth date: June 11, 1978

Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vital Statistics: Acted in commercials as a child; sang with the San Francisco Boys' Chorus; got his big break in the movie The Mighty Ducks. Appeared in The Skulls, Scream 2, and Cruel Intentions.

Last Spotted: Starring in the ensemble drama "Bobby " with Lindsay Lohan

Fun Fact: He and James Van Der Beek were roommates during the first season of Dawson's Creek.


Pacey Witter Character Info:

Pacey's the class clown, kind of a slacker, and Dawson's best friend since childhood. He knows he's not good enough for his father, the town sheriff, and worries he's not good enough for anyone… especially Andie, who needs more help than he can provide, and Joey, whom he feels is out of his league.

Jen Lindley played by Michelle Williams
"You know, I really am a cliche, Dawson. In New York I was moving fast.  I wwas moving really, really fast. I kept stumbling and falling. But here I feel like for the first time in a long time, I'm walking at a steady pace. And I'm afraid that if I kiss you my knees may buckle, I may stumble, and I don't think I could deal with that right now." -Jen
Birth date: September 9, 1980

Birthplace: Kalispell, Montana

Vital Statistics: Graduated high school early and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Appeared in Dick, But I'm a Cheerleader. Fell in love with actor Heath Ledger; they had a daughter in October 2005. Won an Oscar nomination for her role in Brokeback Mountain.

Last Spotted: The Hawk is Dying with Paul Giamatti

Fun Fact: Michelle's father taught her commodities trading, and she won the Robbins World Cup Trading Championship at age 16.


Jen Lindley Character Info:

After growing up too fast in New York City – and getting caught having sex in her parents bed – Jen is sent to live with her strict grandmother in Capeside. Small town life proves a major challenge for the former bad girl, but Jen stands up for the things (and people) she believes in. She develops a close friendship with Jack.

Jack McPhee played by Kerr Smith
"I don't believe in perfect love. But I do believe that there are people whose lives are inexticably intertwined." -Jack McPhee
Birth date: March 9, 1972

Birthplace: Exton, Pennsylvania

Vital Statistics: Started acting in a high school production of The King and I. Graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in business administration. Appeared in As the World Turns, Final Destination, Cruel Intentions 3 and Charmed. Married actress Harmoni Everett in 2003.

Last Spotted: Starring in E-Ring , Accidental Murder, The Forsaken

Fun Fact: Kerr taught himself to play the piano.


Jack McPhee Character Info:

A shy, quiet guy, Jack plays football on the high school team. Jack gets a lot of attention in Capeside – first for being new in town, and then for revealing that he's gay. At home, he provides emotional support for his sister Andie and their mentally disturbed mother.

Andie McPhee played by Meredith Monroe
"My name is Andie, and my brother is the one who's gay. My other brother died, and my daddy went away. But I'm still Andie, and my boyfriend makes me randy. His name is Pacey, and my mom's gone completely crazy! I got the blues!" -Andie
Birth date: December 30, 1970

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Vital Statistics:Moved to New York after high school to study acting. Cast as a regular in the series Dangerous Minds. Played the lead in the TV movie Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Attended Millikin University in Illinois.

Last Spotted: As a recurring character on Criminal Minds , Fathers and Sons, Minority Report

Fun Fact: Meredith returned to act in the Dawson's Creek series finale, but Andie's scenes were cut before the episode aired. You can view them however, by purchasing "Dawson's Creek The Series Finale DVD".

Andie McPhee Character Info:

Andie battles depression as she struggles to cope with her older brother's death and a family history of mental illness. Her competitive, perfectionist ways drive Pacey crazy – until they fall in love. Despite support from Pacey and her brother Jack, Andie eventually checks in to a mental hospital for professional help.


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